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Project Description

Community Access To Child Health(CATCH)

CATCH is one of the Community empwerment component of the Helping Hands Foundation`s Program. Here the like-minded people have gathered. They firmly believe that the only way, the developing countries can progress, is to undertake developmental projects with the involvement of the local communities.


To improve education & health in the project areas and to develop low cost primary health care models that are easy to replicate.

Mainly we’ll concentrate on:

– Strengthening the link between nutrition and health.

– Implementing & sustaining effective public health program

– Promoting and sustaining healthy behaviors

– Establishing Public-Private partnership

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1- Primary Education:

Education is the basic need for the success of any program. To achieve this object We plan:

(a) To motivate people for getting their children educated & to establish schools where needed.

(b) To produce and disseminate literature on health education for the children and their parents

2- Primary Health care

We aim to provide access to the primary health care that integrates preventive measures for physical & mental health:

(a) To provide free diagnostic and therapeutic facilities to the poor patients, while supporting continues medical research.

(b) Integrating child survival programs for promoting & sustaining healthy behaviors such as Mother and child health, Breast feeding, IMCI, malnutrition, CDD, Immunization, IDD, Growth monitoring and child spacing)

(c) To provide support & disseminate technical information for the provision of safe water supply, environmental hygiene, anti smoking program and about STDs.

3- Community Empowerment

To improve education & health in the project areas and to develop low cost primary health care models that are easy to replicate.

These activities include:

(a) Micro credit & income generation activities.

(b) Disaster relief (food, Clothing, medicines to war/draught/flood affected people) etc.

The Facts—– Eye openers:

Just think for a moment that in Pakistan:(a) Everyday 500 children die due to Diarrhea & 600 children die due to Pneumonia(b) Everyday 72 women die for inadequate facilities for delivery i.e. 3 women every hour.(c) 500,000 suffer from mental retardation due to Iodine deficiency(d) Two out of 3 do not have an access to sanitary- toilet facilities.

This situation is very gloomy but the millions of mothers and children can be saved with only a meager effort and resources.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.