Optimizing the health of Mothers & Children

Institute of Mother And Child Care (I-MACCA)

The Institute of Mother & Child Care (I-MACCA) is the biggest project of the Helping Hands Foundation (HHF). This is planned to be a 3 storied, state of the art, 100 bedded hospitals caring for the mothers and children.

New & Unique Concepts:

We introduced 5 new & unique concepts in this hospital & institute.

Step 1:

Initially, we selected the leading OBS/GYN’s of Multan to attend a luncheon about the benefits of breastfeeding and IMMAN program. Here, we advocated for breastfeeding in a 30-minute presentation. It included the topics

The OB/GYN’s welcomed the information and plans for the future very warmly. To help them with the task of sending their patients to our mother-education sessions we provided them with several copies of coupons for the mothers to attend the breastfeeding class. These coupons had the information about venue, date & time of the seminar. The counter foil of the coupon had to be filled out by the gynecologist with the contact information of the expectant mother. We requested that in each IMMAN seminar only those mothers be sent who are expected to deliver in the next couple of months.

We invited mothers for the breast-feeding seminars by advertising through print and electronic media also.

Step 2:

Another objective of IMMAN was to introduce mothers to pediatricians prior to the birth of their baby. We hoped that this interaction will improve their post-partum care and establish a relationship that is supportive of breastfeeding.

The following topics are covered for the IMMAN seminar for mothers;


The obstetricians were involved in this initiative. They referred the expectant mothers on a specific day where pediatricians gave 6 lectures to motivate the need for breastfeeding, the anatomy & physiology of lactation, correct method of latching and attachment were taught. There was a special talk on how to exclusively breastfeed after C-section delivery.

We conduct these seminars every month. The program has been applauded by the public, mothers and gynecologists, alike.

IMMAN in world press:

The program was well applauded by the American academy of Pediatrics- Section on breast-feeding. The full-page report was published in their newsletter. This can be seen on the following link http://www.aap.org/breastfeeding/files/pdf/winter09newsletter.pdf. It is appended with the report.