Shehryar has an elder brother and two sisters. Shehryar is a resident of Basti Goshia Mohalla Awanwala Multan Pakistan. He is 12 years old. Sheharyar was perfectly fine at the time of birth.


Sometime after his birth, his mother took him to his maternal grandmother’s house in the village of Shujaabad. He was fine for a few days, but he suddenly had a severe fever one day. It was evening time and there was no doctor in the village, who could do a check-up of the citizen.


However, his mother gave him the fever medicine and made him sleep in the swing. With this medicine, the Sheharyar got some peace and he cried himself to sleep. The mother thought that the child had caught a cold and got sick. She wrapped him in warm clothes and put him to sleep.


In the late night, the condition worsened, the child developed a high fever and the child was in a semi-unconscious state. He was taken to the hospital in the morning. By that time, the condition of the child had worsened and the child had started having fits and seizures. He was taken to the Civil Hospital in the morning.


The doctor checked him and told him, “He has Meningitis. Due to this, the child has fits and seizures. You are late in bringing him to the hospital, pray to Allah.” The doctor kept him in the hospital for 15 days and was treated.


Shehryar life was saved but his one arm and both legs were paralyzed. Neither he can stand nor catch anything. The family of Shahryar treated him a lot, whoever told them about any place of treatment, took him there. His mother took great care of him a lot. She kept massaging him. She took him to the doctor. The family of Shehryar takes great care of him. Shahr Bar’s father is a driver, he drives other’s cars. They are very poor people.


Meanwhile, the HHF reached his house and saw that he walked by crawling on the ground in the streets. So they have brought a wheelchair for him with the support of CBR and HHf. Now life has become easier for him. Now he can come in and out of the house at his own will. Shehryar is very happy and gives prayers to the people of HHF’s organization.


The Meningitis was cured, but it left him disabled for life. All his time diagnosis can save lives. Immunization can prevent this disease.