Samina W/O Naeem Malik:

25 years

Mill Phatak Muzaffarabad

‘I came here two years back for my pregnancy test. It was a great Experience to see the pre checkup Protocol’

Samina was here to get the medicine for her half years old son Subhan Naeem. She visited Institute of Mother & Child Care on the motivation of our community health worker.

While appreciating the community health worker Mrs. Aziz Fatima, She told that the CHW used to visit her house to deliver useful health tips. She confesses:

‘I was unaware about the appropriate method of breastfeed. Mrs. Aziz Fatima (CHW) told me about the exercises for early feeds and told me about the importance of colostrums.’ Later in the seminar I learnt how to start weaning, importance of the use of iodine salt and hand hygiene tips.’

She added:

‘I am very much satisfied with the quality of medicine provided in the hospital. I often refer my neighbors too’

We as the representatives of I-MACCA, feeling proud to provide the quality health care services integrated with preventive approach through the well-equipped trained staff.