Mohammad Zeeshan S/O Mohammad Usman-16 Years

Our community health worker Asia Bibi referred a 16 years old referral named Mohammad Zeeshan S/O Mohammad Usman here at Institute of Mother & Child Care. During initial investigation for screening his mother told:

My son is getting week day by day, he is unable to eat anything, I was scared of seeing his falling health. But I never think to visit any doctor due to my poverty’

CFCS team immediately started his screening tests and diagnosed TB. His condition was not too good but team was hopeful. Medicine was started and he was referred to Nishtar Hospital for further treatment.

Zeeshan Said,

‘I want to live but it seems I am losing my hope to life. I cannot eat anything. It seems my tongue is not in my mouth. I will die soon!’

Now after 1 month he is back from Nishtar, he is taking treatment from I-MACCA and getting his hope back.

Sometimes sincere efforts can make miracles. We wish a miracle for Zeeshan too!