Sonia is coming in I-MACCA from last 2 years. She fondly remembered how in seminars she got awareness about safe lactating behaviors.

Sonia said,

We just had great care in the institute every time. ‘I had a really great experience during taking my treatment here.

Sonia was here in I-MACCA for anti-natal checkup.

Sonia was 16-weeks pregnant with her 2nd child when she came to gynecologist in the hospital.

 “I had a lot of questions,”

She said,

Describing how she gets all the services without exhausted, she added,

“I felt like gynecologist did a very good job teaching me that pregnancy is not illness but a period of taking care of mine for the sake of a healthy baby, such a good job,

I-MACCA always focused on the quality services delivery system. The satisfaction of the patients is a part of our core values.