Everyone has bad days, whether it’s because of problem at home, at work or in our relationships. We all experience down periods in our lives. For most people the down periods come and go away but for those who suffer from Depression, the emotional low periods don’t go away so easily. Clinical Depression is a serious mental illness for the individual and his or her loved ones.

People are not cured of mental illness but we do heal and we do recover. It’s important to understand what the recovered means when tied to mental illness. Recovering is the process, in which you take to find wellness and stability.

Success Story:

Shanzy experience Major Depressive Disorder. She Describe her life

Before recovery as a “living hell”.

Shanzy recalls,

I thought happiness was not made for me. I could not get control of any part of my life. Everything seemed to be too much of an effort and I began acting out in ways that I had never think and done before. I just didn’t care about anyone.

Psychological Help:

Through the counseling, CBT and EFT( most helpful for people who have difficulty managing their emotions). Shanzy learned new skills to manage and cope with her emotions and tolerate emotional distress. After session she achieved a level of recovery. Today, Shanzy considers herself thriving both at home and life.

 Patient’s Views:

At I-MACCA talk therapy and counseling sessions attended, life began to turn around. I have my symptoms under control and I’m stable now. I-MACCA has played a huge part in not only my recovery but my life.